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The Birth of the Divine Youth

One day, long ago, the Sun was rising. There was nothing particularly different or special about this day, except perhaps that the clouds were a bit whiter than usual, the waters a little bit more blue. Certainly the Sun was feeling stronger, brighter, returning as he was from the slumbering winter. Who can say was […]

Guest Post: Of Herbs and the Elements by Anne de Courtenay

Anne began training in the Western mysteries with Althea Northage-Orr under a hybrid Golden Dawn/Gardnerian lineage in 2003. In this vein, she focuses on comparative mythology, magickal herbalism, Qabalistic study, and the development of ceremonial rites of passage and seasonal celebrations. OK, fellow mages, pop quiz: Which of the following statements about the magickal uses […]

Guest Post: Speaking with the Self by Michael Coorlim

Michael Coorlim is a freelance author, poet, artist, web developer, and online journal editor. A postmodern mystic and Taoscordian monk, he reads the Tarot, throws the I-Ching, is a lucid dreamer, and does modern shamanistic journeywork. We’re bombarded, throughout the day, with a massive amount of sensory input – far more than our conscious minds […]

What to Do When Things Do More Than Go Bump in the Night by Wulfelm

My first magickal teacher in the mid-1990s taught me that when dealing with the spirit world it was important to realize that there was nothing out there that I couldn’t handle. She said that if a person approached traveling the astral or faring forth to Otherworlds with fear, they would be far more likely to […]

Guest Post: How I read the Tarot by Shannah Lessa Wojtyska

Besides being a skilled reader, Shannah Lessa Wojtyska is also a member of Terra Mysterium Consulted for centuries as a path to personal enlightenment, Tarot informs, expounds, and most effectively, provides a means of illuminating that which is inherently known but sometimes hidden by a self-imposed obscurity. Like its sister art, Astrology, Tarot facilitates the […]

Guest Post: On Tarot Divination by Kat O’Connor

Kat O’Connor is a witch and a spiritual artist simply by virtue of her inescapable and all-encompassing spiritual worldview. By day she cleverly plays the part of a social media marketer and digital designer; by night she is an itinerant photographer and a performer with Terra Mysterium performance troupe. She contributes to Food in my […]

Rising to the Next Adventure

A wonderful poem written by Brother Tony Rella in honor of the Explorer during this season of Quintessence. Rising to the Next Adventure Exploration needs no blank map, no journey risked across the wild. Begin by risking breath and speak what never could be said before. I slept among the ancient souls. Destruction made me […]

Understanding Paganism

a Guide to the Definition, History, Faiths, and Divinity within Paganism Defining Paganism In the language of comparative religious studies, Paganism is an umbrella term encompassing a vast and diverse variety of ancient and modern religious traditions. Historically, all religions are outgrowths of – or reactions to – the original pagan traditions. Pagan traditions are […]

About Activism

Activism. The word conjures up many ideas and images. It is loaded with force and power and can excite a variety of responses from those who try to define what the word activism means to them. The word itself implies being active, making choices rather than remaining indecisive and uncommitted. Activism is a path of […]