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Celebrating the Divine Youth

Divine Youth, Child of stars and of oceans, Beloved of Dawn and Prince of the Swelling Tide, I give you thanks and honor. I ask your blessing as I walk the Labyrinth, for clear eyes and Wonder in my heart. Divine Youth, Dancer in Light and Laughter, I give up to you my expectations that I […]

Quietus: The Hidden Elders

This is a guest post by our brother Theo, who has recently started a blog called queer witch. Theo is a Mentor in the Inner Order of the Brotherhood. You can find his original post here. We are in what the Brotherhood of the Phoenix calls the season of Quietus. It is the time of […]

Reflections of the Elder

This past Saturday was Quietus, our celebration of the Queer Elder and the Winter Solstice. It’s typically regarded as a time of quiet reflection and collection, and honestly sees less attendance than our other events throughout the year. It can’t help, of course, that the blustery Chicago weather is often miserable and that most of […]

Commentary on the Daily Devotion

How to cultivate a worldview Your worldview is your philosophy of the world, its conception, and your place in it. It’s the meaning that you give the world, at each level of existence from the physical to the spiritual. Engaging with and accessing this meaning is the key to furthering one’s personal work and deepening […]

Daily Devotions: Beginning Personal Practice

We hear a lot from men who are interested in building a personal practice in the Brotherhood of the Phoenix, who are interested in forging a connection with our work, our gods, and our practice. There are some resources available now, such as these candle labels or this small collection of poetry and stories. As this […]

The Androgyne at Ecstasis

A few weeks ago the Brotherhood celebrated Ecstasis, the festival of the Androgyne and the autumnal equinox. This is the one ritual out of our usual liturgical calendar that is open to the public at large, regardless of gender or orientation. I have a very special place in my heart for these open events. As […]

Prayer for the Elder

Simple teacher, I pray of thee. Wisdom from Wonder, Love from Courage, Strength from Healing, Gnosis from Balance, and Wonder from Wisdom. Teach me to see from where I come, and to learn of where I go. Silent memory, I pray of thee. Your legacy left so slowly still, amidst the sleeping guardians. A journey […]

Song of the Shaman

A whisper in the dark, Your presence by my side. Walk the worlds, you say to me, And I will show you secrets vast. The key you hold within your grasp, Know thyself and you will know all. The shadows wrapped around you. Like a cloak, pinpricks of light, Stars shine in your hair. “I […]

In the Season of Shadow Dance

  There is a chill in the air (at least in the Northern climes) as Autumn hurtles down the long slide into Winter. This is the season of Shadow Dance, or Samhain, Sovvan, Blood Harvest, whatever you want to call it. For me this time always feels like that last gasp of energy to get […]

Communing with the Shaman

This is my favorite season of the year, both in spirit and in weather. The air is crisp and constantly changing. The winds are loud and harsh and wet, driving me inside to hot tea and a book (or popcorn-fueled movies with friends). Jack-o-lanterns and scarecrows signal a call to retreat. Where my body goes, […]