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The Brotherhood of the Phoenix consists of an Outer Order and an Inner Order. Through the presentation of our public rituals, celebrating rites of passage, and the work of the order; we walk as a united community of individuals seeking our own spirituality. We believe that the path of neo-paganism is, and should remain, a path most properly walked by the individual. As part of this understanding, we seek to give our members the opportunity to follow the path(s) that are most suited to their individual experiences and lifestyle, while offering fellowship, support, and guidance.

The Outer Order

Men who feel drawn to become a part of the Brotherhood in an official capacity are invited to become members of the Outer Order. Membership entails a Rite of Passage into the Outer Order, commitment to our goals of activism, outreach, and education, and support of both time and money in order to keep the Brotherhood alive. In return, we offer workshops and teachings not offered to the general public, support in your journey, and guidance upon the path we are walking together.

Structure of the Outer Order

In order to better serve the community, membership within the Outer Order is divided into four clans: Lover Clan, Warrior Clan, Shaman Clan, and King Clan who are responsible for several logistical and spiritual tasks. Members spend one year in each clan before choosing where they’d like to focus their efforts.

Lover Clan’s tasks include greeting seekers at rituals, staffing the check-in table, and creating fliers of upcoming events. The clan leader, or a member of the clan, calls the element of Air during the ritual.

Warrior Clan’s tasks include obtaining permits for fires and ritual spaces; interacting with officers of the law, rangers, and fire department staff; maintaining the first aid kit and using their first aid skills when necessary. The clan leader, or a member of the clan, calls the element of Fire during the ritual.

Shaman Clan’s tasks include researching and posting directions and transportation options to ritual; teaching the pre-ritual lectures about the face of the God for the Ritual, providing energy healing to those in need. The clan leader, or a member of the clan, calls the element of Water during the ritual.

King Clan’s tasks include researching and securing ritual spaces; setting up the potluck and cleanup after ritual. The clan leader, or a member of the clan, calls the element of Earth during the ritual.

Membership meetings are held regularly to discuss the business of the Order. In exchange for a member’s commitment to the work of the Order we offer classes, retreats, and events that are only open to membership.

Each member is present to listen to your experiences and help answer questions you may have about our Order and our rituals, beliefs, and workshops. We encourage potential members to spend time learning about the Order from Brothers at our events.

The Councils

The Brotherhood of the Phoenix has two administrative bodies that guide the Order’s work. The National body is called the Council of Elders and consists of the Order’s trustees who oversee the work of the National organization. Each local administrative body is called the Council of Guardians and consists of a board of Directors who oversee the work of their regional Temple.

Each Temple has a great deal of autonomy within the Brotherhood’s structure. To make certain that each temple functions in a healthy manner, the Council of Elders assists the Council of Guardians by providing guidance and advice when needed. For instance, the Elder Magister works with the Magister of each individual temple, the Elder Herald with each Herald and so forth. In this way each individual member of the Council of Guardians has a support network to assist him in the work of administrating his Temple. In addition to their roles are advisors, the Council of Elders also plan large scale projects for the Order such as chartering future Temples of the Brotherhood, planning festivals and conferences, and developing plans for a nature preserve and retreat center.

The Council of Elders

The Council of Elders consists of eight men who act as trustees for the National Order. They oversee the work of each Council of Guardians and issue charters for new temples. Positions in the Council of Elders last either 3 years or 7 years depending upon the position.

One of the Elders bears the title Ombudsman. He is the trustee that has the most frequent and direct connection to individual Temples of the Brotherhood, and is responsible for reporting back to the Council of Elders. He is the trustee to contact if you are interested in establishing a Temple of the Brotherhood.

Each August the Council of Elders hosts a Congress to discuss the work of the Order. Magisters from each Temple are also present and deliver a summary of their Temple’s work before the congress. The assembled men collectively participate in the business and voting matters that concern the Order as a whole.

The Council of Guardians

The Council of Guardians is the local administrative body for each temple of the Brotherhood. The Council of Guardians consists of seven officers who oversee the business and administrative aspects of their particular temple. Positions in the Council last for one year; from Spring Equinox of one year, through Spring Equinox of the next. Decisions are made by majority vote of the membership and Council.

The Council of Guardians is the local governing body for each individual Temple of the Brotherhood. Members of the Brotherhood are elected to serve as administrators in seven positions where they serve and guide the membership for the term of one year from Ostara (Spring equinox) to the following Ostara.

The roles of the Council are practical, symbolic and magically potent. The Brotherhood’s system of symbols was created to unfold at different levels of membership. Members will have a different understanding of the symbols and concepts of the Order than the Seekers due to the Rite of Passage into full membership. That being said, the following descriptions are offered to give the basic principles, and responsibilities of each officer.


The Sentinel is the first officer you will meet at our rituals as he guards the Gateway to the Temple. The Sentinel is the protector of the entire Order and stands by the door to guard against disruptions during the Brotherhood’s rituals, classes or other workings. If you need to leave a ritual, meeting or other working of our Order you must allow him to usher you through the Gateway. The Sentinel handles matters related to the safety of the participants. He is responsible for any interaction of law enforcement or other emergency staff with the Order and will handle safety issues calmly and with grace. He is assures that any necessary permits, legal waivers and releases that the Order might need have been obtained.


The Scribe and the Bursar are the next two officers you will meet at our rituals as you pass through the first Portal to the Temple. The Scribe’s duty is to record the proceedings of the Order, to prepare all official documents and to have custody of our sacred seal. He records the minutes at the Business Meetings and places them in the Archives for members to read if they chose. He is responsible for maintaining the current information of the Membership and will announce visitors from other Temples of the Order when they attend meetings. He possesses the Order’s business and sacred documents as well as printed resources for members and seekers.


The Bursar works “hand in hand” with the Scribe to maintain the business matters of the Order. His duty is to have custody of all funds and resources of the Order and manage them as directed by the Constitution and Bylaws and the Will of the Order. He is responsible for reminding members of their pledge obligations and maintains excellent records of all financial matter of the Order. He creates the Budget of the Order and lists our funds and assets so that we have a constant reminder of the Order’s Finances. He helps create fundraising opportunities and facilitates fundraising events for the Order.


The Herald and the Warder are the next two officers you will meet as you pass through the Second Portal to the Temple. The Herald is the officer who introduces the seeker to the balance of business matters and magical work, both practical and spiritual energies. His duty is to guide the candidates for membership through the Rite of Passage. As such, he guides the members through their spiritual development within the Outer Order. He is responsible for maintaining the educational curriculum and its development. Anyone who would like to teach a workshop to either the membership of our Order, or to the general public in affiliation with the Brotherhood, should send a proposal to him.


The Warder protects the symbols and mysteries of the Brotherhood, and is responsible for the Membership of the Order. His duty is to have charge of the Inner door, to take charge of those who seek Candidacy into the Outer Order, to receive the signs from the members when they enter and leave the Temple. He protects the Order on a Spiritual level by acting as a Sentinel to the Otherworld admitting only those energies that are allied to the Will of the Order. This includes people as well. Both he and the Sentinel will remove disruptive influences from all meetings or rituals of the Brotherhood.


Once you have crossed through the two Portals of the Gateway to the Temple you will meet the last two officers, the Guardian and the Magister. The Magister is the presiding officer of the Order. His duty is to preside fairly and impartially over the Temple, to keep order during its meetings, and to carry out all other work as detailed in the Constitution and Bylaws and Will of the Order. He has a thorough knowledge of the business and spiritual matters of the entire Brotherhood and is the main resource for resolving questions and disputes. He maintains balance within all parts of the Order through his practical and spiritual work. Along with the Guardian, he will look for those who would excel at and enjoy leadership positions and help train them for leadership positions within the Order.


The Guardian is the second in line. His duty is to proclaim the Temple open and closed, and to make certain that the Brotherhood functions as a whole. He assists the Magister in his work and takes his place upon his absence from the Temple. He works with the Warder and the Sentinel to provide for the safety and security of the Order. Along with the Magister, he will look for those who would excel at and enjoy leadership positions and help train them for leadership positions within the Order.

The Inner Order

The Inner Order consists of two levels, the Mystery School, and the Inner Order proper. The Mystery School is a group of committed individuals who are journeying on an individual quest under the guidance of experienced mentors. Those members who demonstrate their commitment to service and are in good standing with the Brotherhood may apply to become a candidate of the Mystery School. Candidates who are accepted will undergo rigorous spiritual and magickal training within the Mystery School as a structured path towards becoming mentors or ordained clergy.

The Inner Order proper consists of the Mentors and Clargy, who are all graduates of the Mystery School. They work together as a group to create rituals, explore further magickal studies and practical applications, guide the students of the mystery school, and teach workshops to Brothers and Seekers.


To request a charter, interested parties should make certain that they are ready and willing to fulfill the requirements for application to the Brotherhood as a Temple. These are outlined in the Constitution of the Brotherhood, Article III.C. For further information, please contact the Ombudsman.

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