Clergy and Mentors

The Clergy and Mentors of the Order are graduates of the Brotherhood’s seminary and members of the Inner Order of the Brotherhood. Each one of us is committed to serving our community by providing high quality rituals, workshops, and spiritual counseling. Our clergy and mentors are qualified to serve your spiritual needs. If you are interested in having us present a workshop, create a ritual, preside over a life event such as a Handfasting (wedding) or Funeral, or are seeking spiritual guidance, we warmly invite you to contact us for more information.

Reverend Amatheon

Reverend Amatheon (Matthew Ellenwood) has been involved with the pagan community since childhood. He has been an active member of several international organizations including ADF, Keltria, The Order of the White Stag, The Golden Dawn, and the O.T.O. Primarily focusing upon outreach as a teacher and priest, he has sought to balance the cerebral, symbolic and ritualistic ideals of the Western Esoteric Tradition with practical, ecstatic practices rooted in the body, primal emotions and the Land itself. Drawing on his skills as a performer he uses humor, storytelling, music, stage magic, and years of personal practice and research to create transformative, “hands-on” experiences within the context of rituals and workshops. Feel free to use the link below to contact Rev. Amatheon about his workshops, pastoral counseling, and ritual creation.

Reverend Chevejo

Reverend Chevejo (Chris Allaun) has been studying and practicing paganism and the occult since 1992. He is involved in a wide variety of magickal practices which include Traditional Witchcraft (Pre-dating Gardnerian Wicca), OTO, Native American spirituality, and Hermetic Magick. He uses his knowledge and experience of these subjects to conjure rituals that blend mythology, life experience, and symbols manifesting transformation. He also draws on his desire to reconnect the three shamanic worlds to the modern psyche in rituals, workshops, and lectures to re-establish a connection to the cosmic web. Please use the link below to contact Rev. Chevejo for ritual creation, pastoral counseling, and workshops.

Mentor Wulfelm

Wulfelm (Keith Green) is a devotee of the Norse god Balder and has been a practicing Northern Tradition Neopagan since 1992. He is a member of the Ring of Troth as well as the Brotherhood of the Phoenix. He specializes in Norse mythology, rune and ogham divination, and rune galdor/magick. He practices healing/energy work, free-style Shamanism, and has worked extensively with the landscapes and denizens of the Nine Worlds of Norse cosmology. Wulfelm has a background in theater and music, and also holds a Ph.D. in History. He teaches courses in ancient, medieval, and modern history, world religions, and comparative mythology at several colleges in Chicago, Illinois.

Mentor Frank

Mentor Frank Overman has always had an affinity for mystical and ecstatic religious experiences. He was previously a lay minister and the head of a youth group for the Pentecostal church where he was baptized. Due to the church’s intolerance of LGBTI people, Frank left his ministry in that tradition and is working diligently towards full ordination within the Brotherhood. He has a BA in psychology, with an emphasis on adolescent studies, which informs his work in transforming the emotional and spiritual wounds of the LBGTI community. He is a devotee of the Egyptian gods and is working towards initiation within various ceremonial traditions. In his current spiritual work, he is exploring the intersection of pop culture memes and magick in manifesting changes within the larger culture. As part of this work, Frank is interested in media relations and video production. He is also developing a ministry focused upon honoring body wisdom, sacred intimacy, and the dynamics of BDSM/leather as a spiritual means of transformation. Please use the link below to contact Frank about his philosophies and workshops.

Mentor Ollen

Ollen has been a Master-Level Reiki practitioner since 1998, and a member of the Brotherhood since 2005. As a result of the training he received, his psychic abilities have blossomed. He continues to develop these skills as well as his healing abilities, and has helped to create and teach a Seership curriculum for the Outer Order of the Brotherhood, as well as teaching Seership classes outside the Brotherhood. He is currently experimenting with different type of divination and is exploring the path of the seer, which he feels strongly called to. Additionally, he has a BS in Computer Information Systems and is a master of the culinary arts.

Mentor Theo

Mentor Theo Geer has always believed there was something more to life than the noumenal. Raised agnostic, he began his religious exploration in 1996 and quickly found that the experiential, mystical nature of modern neo-paganism suited his desire for self-discovery and personal revelation. When he attended the Brotherhood of the Phoenix’s Samhain ritual in November of 2005, he was immediately entranced by their symbolism, mythology, and focus on finding the divine within personal experience. Since then he has committed his life to transforming his community and world through his writing, teaching, and compassion.

Theo approaches life with the understanding that we each have a path to walk, and seeks to cultivate personal truth and revelation in himself and others. To accomplish this he uses a wide variety of practices including divination, ceremonial magic, trance work, faerie craft, and channeling. In all this, he approaches the world with an open heart and a chalice full of love and compassion. More than anything, he considers himself a teacher, and he is happy to create curriculum, facilitate workshops, and teach anyone whose desire it is to learn.

Theo is currently broadening his study of ceremonial magic and exploring our relationships with modern gods such as technology, economics, and social media.