The Brotherhood of the Phoenix is a neo-pagan order for Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender men who love men. The mandate of our order is to help our community overcome the burden of societal labels. We reject the limiting beliefs and prejudices of modern culture and religions that preach intolerance and hate. We stress a simple neo-pagan principle: “Find the Divine within your own experience.”

To impart this principle, we hold public rituals near the eight common holidays of neo-pagan tradition where we celebrate the embodiment of the gay male divine through the life-cycle of human experience. We are committed to applying the principles of Activism, Outreach, and Education to build positive relationships that benefit our community and our world.

Spiritual and Philosophical Beliefs

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The Gay Men’s Mystery School, which forms the core of the Brotherhood’s clergy training program, was created in 2000 to train gay men in the magickal arts in order to reclaim their rightful places as healers, mystics, teachers, shamans, and ordained priests. In the summer of 2004, several of the school’s initiates gathered with good […]

Constitution and By-Laws

Constitution Article I: Name The name of the Order shall be known as the “Brotherhood of the Phoenix,” henceforth known as the Brotherhood. Article II: Purpose The Brotherhood exists for gay, bisexual, and transgender men who love men in order to provide a religious organization that supports their unique experience. Article III: Members The Brotherhood […]

501(c)3 Status

The Brotherhood of the Phoenix is a nationally recognized religious organization that has attained 501(c)3 status and tax-exemption.