Daily Devotions: Beginning Personal Practice

The author's Brotherhood altar.

The author’s Brotherhood altar.

We hear a lot from men who are interested in building a personal practice in the Brotherhood of the Phoenix, who are interested in forging a connection with our work, our gods, and our practice. There are some resources available now, such as these candle labels or this small collection of poetry and stories. As this year progresses there will be a lot more information and guidance that we’ll be sharing, but let’s start with a short daily practice.

You can use this ritual on a daily basis to stay connected to the Phoenix and the spirit of the Brotherhood. Use it to center yourself, mentally prepare for your day, and reaffirm the direction of your path through the Labyrinth. We’ll be posting a commentary on this ritual very soon.


Stand or sit comfortably. Light a candle, preferably one that’s been devoted to this ritual and this purpose. Take a breath in, and out. Check in with yourself and center in your body and mind.

Say the following:

I add to the flame of the Phoenix;
in the presence of the eight-fold god inside,
the Queer Ancestors that came before,
and the land and spirits that surround me.

Breathe that intent into the flame, gently. Imagine the flame as a bonfire, roaring strong in the center of the Labyrinth.

Breathe in of the those flames, the transformative fire of the Phoenix, and say:

To these I offer:
my time, to find the stillness of myself,
my body, to know and work my will,
my voice, to honor the past and shape the future,
and my heart, to be transformed by the sacred flames.

At this point you may choose to do a labyrinth meditation, work with your spellcraft from ritual, or make a petition to the Queer Gods or the Phoenix. Also appropriate would be a divination or other pathworking. Often, you may just continue on with the devotion, should no specific work be calling to you. When ready, say:

I walk the path of the Labyrinth,
alone and in community,
reaching ever towards the Phoenix.
Ta kya te.

When ready, extinguish the candle, take another breath, and go forth into the world.

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