Celebrating the Divine Youth


Divine Youth, Child of stars and
of oceans, Beloved of Dawn and
Prince of the Swelling Tide, I give
you thanks and honor. I ask your
blessing as I walk the Labyrinth,
for clear eyes and Wonder in my heart.
Divine Youth, Dancer in Light
and Laughter, I give up to you
my expectations that I might
look freely upon the world
through your shining eyes.
I honor you always in the circle
of my life. Ta kya te.

With the approach of the Equinox, we prepare ourselves to enter the season of the Explorer, the Fool of the Tarot who gives us Courage and guides us through our first steps into the labyrinth.

It is not yet Quintessence, however. We are still in the season of the Divine Youth. He is the created, creative spark of the Divine, born of madness and the dawn. From Him we learn Wonder and the clarity of an open heart.

Two of our brothers, on their personal blogs, have written posts devoted to or discussing the Youth. Read them there, and let us know what you think on our Facebook page.

To the Divine Youth – from Looking For Wisdom by Adrian Moran

The Divine Youth – from queerwitch by Theo Geer

Give a final offering to the Youth as we prepare to welcome the Explorer back into our spaces.

Tous kya te!

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