What to Do When Things Do More Than Go Bump in the Night by Wulfelm

My first magickal teacher in the mid-1990s taught me that when dealing with the spirit world it was important to realize that there was nothing out there that I couldn’t handle. She said that if a person approached traveling the astral or faring forth to Otherworlds with fear, they would be far more likely to have an unpleasant experience. This advice has served me very well over the years and is good as far as it goes, but what my teacher neglected to tell me was that there were a variety of entities out there that could and would cause me a great deal of grief if given the opportunity. Admittedly, if you don’t go looking for trouble, if you approach all you meet (on this plane and others) with respect, and you believe that you can handle what comes your way you will tend to do better than if you are constantly skulking through life filled with fear, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter difficult people or entities. Moreover, assuming that you can handle whatever comes your way, especially if you have no real training in working with difficult, fearsome, or even gruesome enemies, can be a detriment.

My Ecstasis workshop is intended for those who, through no fault of their own, end up in awkward, frightening, or even dangerous magickal and psychical situations. The first part is a literature review of what’s out there on the subject and will hopefully give the participants an awareness of what’s good, bad, and mediocre. The second part is a discussion of some of the entities frequently encountered on this plane of existence – most of the time when we encounter something it is because they have either stumbled onto us or we have stumbled onto them. This part of the workshop will help give you some sense of who has shown up unexpectedly in your bedroom at night after following you back from the Dreamtime. The third part gives some practical suggestions for warding your home and making protective (and inconspicuous) amulets. Participants are encouraged to bring a pen and some paper so that they can take notes; nothing else is required to attend the class.

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