Rising to the Next Adventure

A wonderful poem written by Brother Tony Rella in honor of the Explorer during this season of Quintessence.

Rising to the Next Adventure

Exploration needs no blank map,
no journey risked across the wild.
Begin by risking breath and speak
what never could be said before.

I slept among the ancient souls.
Destruction made me fear her gift.
Stagnation conquered the world.
Security caused my restraint.

Within us, what is scared to move?
What realm would we never perceive?
Where do we dare never to go?
Orient your compass thereto.

I woke among the sleeping souls.
Destruction gave me her power.
Stagnation has had his reign.
Security, no longer safe.

When we cease following the known,
and inward turn to mystery,
when we act other than we have—
what discovery will we make?

I emerged from the captive souls.
Destruction broke the iron gate.
Stagnation yielded to life.
My freedom is security.

We bear the gift of two tongues’ kiss:
eternal light and mortal clay
provide us this singular chance
to find our rising joy in life.

If you’re curious about the Explorer or Quintessence, then please view the page concerning our Liturgical Year for the most basic information regarding the Explorer. For more information, please feel free to e-mail info@brotherhoodofthephoenix.org if you have questions, and keep your eyes on this blog for more informational posts in the near future.

If you have poetry of your own regarding queer spirituality that you would like to submit, please feel free to send it to submissions@brotherhoodofthephoenix.org.

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