Guest Post: On Tarot Divination by Kat O’Connor

Kat O’Connor is a witch and a spiritual artist simply by virtue of her inescapable and all-encompassing spiritual worldview. By day she cleverly plays the part of a social media marketer and digital designer; by night she is an itinerant photographer and a performer with Terra Mysterium performance troupe. She contributes to Food in my Food: Ecstatic Experiments in Whole Foods Cooking.

I am a Scorpio ascendant, which likely colors my perception of tarot. As I see it, the tools serve simply to hold a mirror up to yourself. The cards shine a light on what’s there, and perhaps even seen, but having it all laid out in an orderly fashion, patterns begin to emerge. Most often, in my experience, it doesn’t show you anything that you don’t already know, even if this knowing has gone unnoticed until now. What it does is provide a birds-eye view, a map of sorts, so you can see where the path is going, farther ahead than just around the next bend.

The tools can be used to organize the chaos into something clear enough to make a decision on, as it brings this knowing, and its significance, to the surface. It focuses our awareness, brings our intuition into the conscious level. What did we forget that we knew? What significant details missed our grasp? With all these seemingly unrelated pieces laid out side-by-side, relationships and patterns begin to reveal themselves. Where you have been shapes where you are going.

Is this mystical or psychological? I don’t know; and for practical purposes it doesn’t matter, as long as it works. Perhaps “mystical” and “psychological” are artificial compartmentalizations of a single unified force of nature. It seems likely; I’m often reminded (by my cards, where Justice is re-envisioned as The Web) that we’re not as separate from the Web of All Things as we tend to think we are.

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