Guest Post: How I read the Tarot by Shannah Lessa Wojtyska

Besides being a skilled reader, Shannah Lessa Wojtyska is also a member of Terra Mysterium

Consulted for centuries as a path to personal enlightenment, Tarot informs, expounds, and most effectively, provides a means of illuminating that which is inherently known but sometimes hidden by a self-imposed obscurity. Like its sister art, Astrology, Tarot facilitates the acquisition of self-knowledge; it is a wonderful tool which provides insight and brings clarity to the meaning of the time.

I’ve been reading tarot for over thirty years, starting on the divinatory Hermetic path when she was gifted her first Rider-Waite deck by a friend at the age of fourteen. Interestingly enough, it was the Tarot which sought me out; not the other way around. And as they say, it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship – a kinship, really – which has lasted a lifetime.

My divinatory approach to reading for others is an empathic one; I view the cards as a tangible part of the consultation, but not the single source of information available at the time of the reading. The symbolism provided directly through the cards and layout certainly sets the tone, but an open and compassionate connection to the client makes the reading and its information all the more accessible – and valuable.

In my view, Tarot is a quite versatile tool; I use several different decks and layouts for various purposes. The Rider-Waite is, of course, a beloved deck; in fact I still use today that very first deck I acquired in my youth. The Medieval Scapini deck is my current favorite; it has a darker, richer personality – providing answers that are not always sympathetic or gentle, but more refreshingly direct, realistic and ultimately workable.

For me, Tarot has always been a mirror through which the current snapshot of time is reflected in a unique, sometimes revolutionary way. Looking into the cards is a gracious and intelligent approach to looking into oneself for answers. And in my experience, it is in direct communication with the Self that the best, right answers are most often found.

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