Quintessence Retreat 2015


Join us for a full weekend of queer pagan programming and Brotherhood! For the first time since the Brotherhood began nearly 10 years ago, we are opening up a weekend retreat to our Seekers. This will be held around our annual celebration of Quintessence.

For nearly a decade, the vision of the Brotherhood has been geared towards providing a safe and supportive spiritual space for men who love men, and this retreat is an extension of that. Our goal in this weekend is to provide safe space for mutual growth and healing between like-minded men.


The Basics

When: 7:30pm on Friday, March 20th – 2pm on Sunday, March 21st

Where: The ManKind Project, 1900 W Fulton St, Chicago IL

Cost: $100

Quintessence 2015

A Celebration of the Consciousness of Being


Quintessence 2013


Dates and Times


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ritual (open to men who love men): 7:30pm – 10:00pm


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